How Does Snow & Ice Impact Your Roof?

Winter is just a week away and we all know what the conditions are like here in Connecticut.There are a few common roof problems that can be created by lots of snow and ice which can quickly take the condition of a roof from bad to worse.

Heavy Snow

Though heavy snow is accountable for a variety of challenges and problems throughout Connecticut winter months, one of the most common and severe issue is accumulation of snow on roof tops. Lots of snowfall on your roof adds lots of weight which then causes a great deal of stress to the roof, which if not removed, weakens the roof altogether. When the roof of an average sized house is covered by layer of snow with a thickness of not less than 2 feet, the roof carries an additional weight of not less than 37000 pounds. This much of additional burden will have a negative impact on the structure causing formation of major cracks on the roof.

In addition to this obvious the weight issue, snow can also cause damage to your roof shingles by way of melting and then refreezing into ice. When the snow melts and then refreezes, it allows a great deal of moisture to get into the shingles which then expands and wears out the shingles much quicker than they should.

Ice Dams

Ice dams are created when the ice and snow that has accumulated on your roof melts, and before it has a chance to actually drain, it freezes all along the edges and eaves of your roof. The formed ice creates a dam which then on your keeps water from running off of your roof. When water cannot properly run off of the roof, it finds the path of less resistance under the shingles and eventually into the roof deck or the house itself.

When the weather gets warmer, the accumulation of ice dams facilitates leaking. There are times when so much ice accumulates, forming large ice dams that result in rain gutters and even the flashing being torn right off of the roof. Should you experience these issues you can try taking a hammer and a chisel and chisel away at the ice on your roof to loosen it up or perhaps use a long handled rake, broom or other tool to scrape as much of the ice as possible off of the rooftop.

Though winter is not yet upon us, it is right around the corner and it couldn’t hurt to start giving some serious thoughts to any existing roof problems you may have and contract our repair techs to resolve your roof issues long before the dangerous and extreme winter weather is here. If you are missing shingles, need repair to your gutters, have broken shingles or any leaks currently on your roof, it would be wise to reach out to us so we can quickly diagnos and fix any issues before the cold sets in. Contact us today at 475-395-6224 to prepare for the upcoming winter months.