Is the life of your roof over and you need to get a new roof installed? Maybe you have a lot of questions like how long will it take to complete from start to finish? What happens if there is damage underneath the shingles or there is more work to be done than meets the eye?

Well this page is dedicated to help inform you about the process so that you have an idea of what a roofing contractor will be looking at when replacing your existing roof...

Typical Roof Replacement Cost is $6,000 for a 24'x45'. This cost obviously varies per region and will fluctuate depending on roof material type chosen, tear off costs as well as other factors and unseen factors.

Roof Installation Timeline

From the moment you schedule your roof installation to job completion should be roughly up to 14 days. This timeline will of course be dependent on various factors such as roof size, condition of roof deck, type of shingles chosen and it can also fluctuate depending on whether items need to be ordered. The time of year can also be a factor, especially during the busy season. Once the job begins however, you can expect your new roof to installed and the area clean and free from debris within 5 days. If we encounter any unforeseen circumstances or problems during the tear off or any additional work is needed or requested, the timeline until completion will fluctuate.

Roof Tear Off

The roof tear off will involve stripping your roof right down to the roof deck. We always start at the top at the ridgeline and work our way down. We will always make a conscience effort to make the process as clean and unobtrusive as possible so that debris is kept to a minimum. We always make sure to clean with a fine toothed comb afterwards though so that your home and yard are free from any and all debris.

Problems Found During Installation

While we make every attempt to discover any problems before the tear off begins, sometimes underlying issues cannot be spotted until the shingles are completely off. If this happens and we run into any unforeseen problems, we will make sure to discuss the issues with you before we proceed any further. Sometimes, we encounter wood rot or the roof deck is sagging which are usually not apparent until the shingles or tiles have been removed from the deck.


Before the shingles or tiles are laid down and because of the cold, icy weather in Connecticut, we first lay down an ice shield from GAF called Weather Watch. We then use high quality roof deck protection like Deckarmor, Tigerpaw or Shinglemate which are also from GAF. These products offer first rate protection over standard felt paper which does not offer the best protection against wind driven rain.

Chimneys, Skylights, and Roof Penetrations

Wherever there is a penetration or break in your roof, there is potential for roof leaks. This is especially true of chimneys, skylights, stack lines, and other penetrations. It's very important that each one be treated individually with proper deck protection, flashing, caulking, lead, and ice dams. Because each chimney we encounter is made of different materials, each one project is evaluated separately.


Valleys are another potential problem area that can cause leaks and all valleys must be treated accordingly. To help protect valleys from water rushing in at different angles, a diverter shaped like a “W” is run down the middle. This diverter is interlaced with shingles to help channel the water through the area, rather than letting it sit and potentially leak.

Ridge Options

When it comes to ridge caps, there are different options. For the most economical situation, a standard ridge row is cut from 3-tab shingles and lays flush with your roof. You can always opt for a higher profile ridge which is designed to enhance and highlight the shape of your roof.

Again, we will discuss all available options with you when it comes to installing the best roof to fit your budget.