Some of the most beautiful features in any building are those created from wood. For wood roofing, porches and decking, and accents, proper preservation and care is required to keep it in pristine condition.

Northeast has years of experience maintaining and preserving all types of wood features from cedar shingles to decking. We offer a range of products and services to keep the wood in the beautiful condition it was first installed in.

Cedar roofs have an hydrophobic oil coating that helps keep the shingle from drying out while also acting as a barrier against water. It’s similar to a duck's feathers in how the water just slides off it. Over time these oils fade and the shingles start to dry out and buckle(warp). To prevent this we treat shingles with the same oils they started with. Not only does this extend the lifespan of your roof but it gives the singles a new vibrant coating which makes them look new and beautiful again. We recommend treating your roof one year after installation and every five years after that or as needed. This will save you money, increase home value and prevent future headaches like being forced to replace your roof prematurely.

During the warm summer months, people want to spend more time outside enjoying the sun. The sun's powerful rays along with the rest of the outdoor elements give your decks and porches a severe beating. See the difference we can make in restoring your deck or porch to their original beauty. Contact us today for a free quote and to start your home's transformation today!